Create the most original children’s headbands

The headbands or ribbons for the hair are in fashion and are worn in all shapes and colors. But, without a doubt, where imagination is much more powerful is in children’s diadems. Anything goes in the hair bands for girls and that’s why they can be done at home, both alone and in the company of the girl who is going to wear it.

To make headbands at home you only need elastic bands of different colors and with a width of two or three fingers depending on the age of the girl, eva rubber, scissors, die cutter and silicone gun. For some jobs you may need some things to older ones that will be said at the time.

Diadem with antennas: fun and cheerful the little ones love, so much that you can even make them for children. You must cut a strip of rubber eva that goes more or less from ear to ear and has a width of plus or minus three fingers. For the antennas you can use two sticks skewers without tip and lined with rubber eva. The tips of the antennas will also be made with eva cut rubber. All kinds of reasons can be made.

The antennas are attached to the rubber eva with silicone. Then a piece of elastic band is cut enough to hold the headband. And you already have a fun diadem with antennae that you will love.

Headband with patterns: It is very simple to make, since you only need a piece of elastic band enough to create the headband and in your favorite color. You must choose the reason you will give the diadem, for example a marine motif. You will need punching machines with which to cut pieces of eva rubber in the form of shells and starfish. These patterns can be attached to the headband with a silicone point.

You can choose the reasons according to the die cutters that you already have, anyone will be able to make an original and different headband.

Diadem with the name of the girl: Fun and very cheerful. The idea is to create the headband with a wide elastic band and, over it, paste rubber letters that form the name of the girl. The rubber eva can be drawn or in a plain color as you like and the letters should not be too large, but occupy only one side or the center of the headband.